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Pinball Machine Repair & Service

Orange County Pinballs provides top notch & unrivaled expert mobile or shop repair services for pinball machines & arcade machines. From vintage electromechanical pinball machines to modern digital pinball machines , we service & repair them all.  Our technicians have a combined 60 years in the pinball & coin operated industry. We stock most parts and typically can get your machine working same-day.

Service Rates

On-site mobile repair

$350 trip charge includes *1st hour of labor.  If parts are required they will be billed separately.  


*Majority of repairs are completed in the first hour

Additional Labor

$150 per hour   

LED Lightbulbs & Installation

Complete premium LED  lightbulb conversion includes LED bulbs and labor.

Electromechanical Machines


Digital Machines


In-house shop service 

Bring the machine to us or we can pick up, repair & deliver


Labor rate for repair

$150 per hour + parts

Shop out service

We completely disassemble the top side of the playfield to clean and wax the playfield, plastics, and ramps.  All rubber rings and rubber parts are replaced with new parts.  All switches are checked, repaired or adjusted.  All lightbulbs are replaced and flipper assemblies are rebuilt or repaired to ensure full flipper strength.  All mechanisms are checked/repaired for 100% functionality.  We check the boards in digital machines and replace capacitors, driver transistors, or chips to ensure the machine continues to operate as designed. Electromechanical machines have all contacts and relays adjusted/cleaned.  Score reels and stepper motors are cleaned and adjusted as necessary.  New pinballs and leg levelers are installed. Typically a 1 week turnaround


Electromechanical Machines - $1495*

Digital Machines built prior to 1990 -  $1595**

Digital Machines built after 1990 - $1695**

* Additional charges for extensive repair and wiring issues

**Additional charges for extensive board repair, replacement solenoids, replacement switches and game specific parts.


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