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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Topper

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Topper

Get armed to battle Krang and Shredder in the Technodrome. This serves as the mobile headquarters of the Foot get your turtles set and ready to fight! The Stern licensed Technodrome is a great addition to your TMNT pinball. It fits all TMNT models.


Dwight Sullivan explains what the TMNT Topper does with the Current Code below:  

  • The topper does over 20 different routines. Some routines are more involved than others.
    • All routines have light shows, and the eye at the top of the Technodrome will move about.
      • Sometimes the eye moves randomly and sometimes it looks in the direction that makes sense.
  • It uses the 4 turtles in the front of the topper to show which Turtle the player is thinking about choosing at game start.
  • It will celebrate with the player when they make some of the pinball staples:
    • Extra ball
    • Replay
    • Jackpots
    • Super Jackpot
    • and more
  • In addition to those celebrations the topper will go into several different background states.
    • In the attract mode
      • The game cycles through various blink states.
      • The eye looks around randomly


  • All Turtles Challenge is a gameplay mode. Meaning it is a feature that you can start during the attract mode through the GAMEPLAY MENU.
  • Normally you can only start the All Turtles Challenge after you play all 4 turtles at least once.
    • The topper will track which turtles have been played and which are still needed.
  • The Wizard Challenge is very exciting.
    • It is a mode that is all time based, which is similar to NUBLAR CHALLENGE in Jurassic Park. In the All Turtles Challenge, you will only care about how quickly you can complete it.
    • You play as all four turtles, one at a time, racing across NY and back to your LAIR. Each time you get back to the LAIR your time is recorded and you move to the next Turtle.
    • When you complete all four, if your time was faster than the current champ you get to enter your initials and be the new ALL TURTLE CHALLENGE CHAMPION!
  • There is an adjustment to allow owners / home-buyers to not have to play all four turtles before they can play the challenge. This is good for two reasons:
    • They can adjust the game to default to this game play mode. All players will be able to walk up and play it. This is good for any size tournament.
    • Home owners may not want to have to start and quickly end 4 games just to play with their game the way they want.
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