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©2019 Orange County Pinballs 

Deadpool Premium by Stern


Deadpool Premium Edition


Stern's hit pinball machine available now


The Pro game play is executed with:
-     3 bank drop targets with multi-ball lock
-     Lil' Deadpool spring articulated custom molded bash toy target
           with pivot action
-     2 stainless steel and wire ramps – no plastic ramps
-     Crossing combo ramp shots that feed right flipper to left ramp,
           then left flipper to right
-     Katana Sword ramp in stainless steel with multi-ball lock 
           in illuminated handle
-     Two spinner targets (Dazzler and Wolverine)
-     Colossus inner loop shot with Colossal jackpot target
-     Ricochet target accessing the left ramp
-     “Hell House” scoop
-     1 Control Gate and 1 One Way Gate access pop bumpers
-     D E A D - P O O L stand up targets
-     Front molding mounted multifunction RGB “Boom” button
-     Back panel featuring illumination to track Battle Mode
           & Quest progress
-     All plastic posts and guides in Deadpool Red
-     Soundtrack features 11 original tunes composed for the game
           and sound effects celebrating 80’s pinball
-     Original art hand-drawn by Zombie Yeti


Added LE and Premium features include:
-     2 x 4 bank drop targets replacing 2 x 4 stand up targets to 
           spell D E A D – P O O L
-     2 Control Gates, replacing the 1 one way gate
-     Up/down ramp in the shooter lane fed by orbit and control gates
           feeding the tip of the Katana ramp 
-     Combo shots facilitated by the up/down ramp from orbit 
           to Katana ramp tip to right flipper
-     Motorized disco ball for fantastic light effects
-     Molded Wolverine, Dazzler and Chimichanga truck

  • Return and Refund Policy

    We stand behind the machines we sell so we are confident to offer a 30 day refund policy.  We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and  we will accept the return of a machine for up to 30 days after the date of purchase.  There is a 25% restocking fee and the game must be returned to our shop in the same condition it left.  Any delivery or shipping charges are non-refundable.