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Iron Maiden Pro Pinball


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All versions of Iron Maiden are loaded with Mechanical Action devices on agreat shooting playfield. A back panel mounted multi-segment bullseye fedby a jump ramp is a fantastic new device. All versions have a 3 bank droptarget, 4 flippers, 2 spinners, dual up-posts, intersecting loops, andNewton ball. The ramps are metal and wireform, not plastic. The sameplayfield support bracket, not the prop rods, are used on all Iron Maiden,even the pro. Added to the above is newly created exclusive LCD display video animations, Zombie Yeti hand drawn art different for each model, and 12 of the most popular player selectable Iron Maiden songs: 1. Aces High 2..2 Minutes to Midnight 3. The Trooper4. Wasted Years5. Can I Play With Madness6. Number of the Beast7. Run to the Hills8. Powerslave9. Hallowed Be Thy Name10. Flight of Icarus11. Rime of the Ancient Mariner12. Fear of the DarkThe Iron Maiden Premium and LE have new, unique, and innovative mechanisms.Included is a motor controlled tomb entrance feeding a motorizedcombination ball lock/Newton ball, which allows the player to physicallyknock a Newton ball onto the playfield to be an active multiball. A secondnew and unique device is a very cool omnidirectional ball target used inplace of the Pro’s normal standup target. The Premium and LE are furtherenhanced by the jump ramp that opens to reveal a scoop, interactive chaselight beacon led device, backlit stacked back panel plastic, plus theinclusion of custom Eddie sculpts.And the LE has the added features customers wanted in an LE: • Anti-reflective playfield glass • Mirrored backglass • Upgraded sound system • Shaker motor • Red metallic side armor, hinges, legs and lockdown • Foil cabinet decals • Inside cabinet art blades • LE only shooter knob

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