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Guardians of the Galaxy Pro Edition

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Preorder now for August & November 2020
Guardians of the Galaxy pinball machines will be available in Pro, Premium and Limited Edition models. 
Our Guardians of the Galaxy features a great and smooth playing playfieldwith long, rewarding ramps extending beyond the back of the playfield.  Inaddition to the normal 3 pops, 2 flippers, and 2 slingshots, Guardians hasa large molded head (and on Premium and LE, arms) of the movie’s “Groot”character, with an opening mouth which eats and then ejects 4 pinballs formultiball.  The molded “Orb” opens and closes or lights, depending on themodel to expose the “Infinity Stone”.  Under the Orb, a memory drop targetcatches and releases balls to begin another multiball.  The molded “Rocket”character has a kickback to shoot balls toward the player.  Depending onthe model, Guardians has one or three magnets mounted under, not through,the playfield. And 8 player selectable modes, front molding mounted smartbutton, 2 controlled orbit gates, more targets and more devices.Multicolor playfield LED’s are utilized in all models, with more on thePremium and LE.The 3 different absolutely striking art packages, Pro, Premium and LimitedEdition, were created by Batman artist Chris Franchi.  The backbox mountedLCD has fantastic graphics, utilizing movie video and original art.Customers have requested and we have included a mirrored backglass, artblades, and shaker motor standard in the Limited Edition.The Guardians of the Galaxy pinball machine features music from theoriginal movie score.
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